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Dr. Bretia Gordon is the Founder and CEO of Transformational Strategies Consulting, LLC. She has an extensive background in public health, human services, and adult education. She has worked in many different capacities over the years in non-profit organizations, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions. Dr. Gordon has worked in case management, clinical research, community education, project management, grant management, research/data administration, capacity building, and executive leadership. She is passionate about issues that impact Black women and girls, communities impacted by HIV/AIDS, minority health, rural health, mental health, health literacy, and veterans.


Dr. Gordon strives to use her platform to develop innovative solutions to address health disparities in communities of color and to provide resources that can help to mitigate the impact of those burdens. She is a transformative leader who is insightful and able to translate her knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and digest.

Dr. Gordon is a graduate of Tuskegee University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in science. She received a Master of Public Administration with a minor in Healthcare Administration from Troy University. In 2018, she earned a Doctorate in Education with a concentration in Human Services Administration from Nova Southeastern University. She will receive her a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Population Health from the University of Alabama Birmingham in August 2023.

Dr. Bretia Gordon
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